Another Local Happy Customer – OD YOSEF CHAI

The quality, speed, and great prices make The DVD Duplication Company in NY the obvious place to get your Short Run DVD Duplication. That is why OD YOSEF CHAI of Monsey, NY will use our services from now on for all of their CD and DVD Duplication needs. The DVD Duplication Company has been proudly serving our customers for the past 15 years, and we keep our clients for life. Once you experience our service and outstanding quality, there is no reason to shop around.

OD YOSEF CHAI helps distribute resources to those in need, and raises the funds in order to do so. Their service is very special since everything is done very quitely and descretely to avoid embarassment for the recipients of the charity.

The DVD Duplication Company also offers Video Shooting, Video Editing, Blu-Ray Conversion, DVD Packaging, and Custom Printing. For more information, visit or call 914.788.1555