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DVD Duplication NYC

Since we are based in NY, we offer same and next day turn times on many orders.

Why use our NY DVD Duplication Services?

  • We specialize in providing our clients with professional grade DVD R media duplicated with high-end DVD Duplication equipment.
  • To ensure both – high compatibility and playback we provide our clients with professional grade DVD R media.
  • This is one stop dvd duplication shop!

Choose one of our special deals or just get a custom quote for your specific order. Upload us a file and we’ll ship it right away to you!

For example you need 500 DVDs in Custom Sleeves, great! Let do it! Here is how it works!

DVD Duplication Los Angeles! We do it!

If you are a young movie maker, wedding photographer, videographer or paparazzi! We are best choice for you! Contact us and we’ll get you our best price. We also can take care:

We have express shipping all over the US!

CD or DVD Duplication Chicago? Replication? Packaging?

We are your one stop DVD Duplication shop, just a few corners away from you!

Are you ready to sell your music? Are you a DJ that needs to promote your business?

Make a 100 CD copies and send it to your friends, family, producers.

Shipping rates and packages! We Ship All over the US – not just the big cities!

100 DVDs in Amaray Cases : $26

100 DVDs Bulk: $15

100 CDs Bulk: $15

300 CDs in Sleeves: $26

500 DVDs in Sleeves: $37