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Replication is when you manufacture a brand new DVD or CDRom. That is taken from a “master” that is supplied through a process called “stamping”. A glass master also known as a stamper is now created from your original media. This new glass disc is then used to create the data or content onto new DVDs pr CDRoms through an injection molding process. These new discs are automatically checked for errors as well as quality.

The Replication process is normally recommended for bigger and larger DVD and CDRom projects (usually 1000 or more) in addition it’s usually less expensive than duplication on a per unit basis.

DVD replication and DVD duplication differences:

Both CD/DVD duplication and CD/DVD replication extract data from the original in the same way. In terms of manufacturing, however, this is where the similarities end. The finished product of either process performs in the same manner, although there will be difference to the eye depending upon the whether the discs are digitally, screened, or offset printed.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of CD/DVD Replication


  1. The unit costs are lower than duplicated discs.
  2. Both offset printing and screen printing is available for replicated discs.
  3. Replicated DVDs can contain 1 layer (DVD-5) of information, 2 layers on one side (DVD-9), 1 layer on each side (DVD-10) or 2 layers on each side (DVD-18). Many replication facilities are not yet set up for DVD-18 replication.
  4. Most replication facilities, as a result of their high volume run capability, can auto assemble discs into jewel cases, paper/tyvek sleeves, amaray cases, or cardboard sleeves.


  1. The standard turn-time is 7-10 business days, longer for runs exceeding 100,000 units. Standard duplication turn times are 2-3 business days.
  2. Most facilities have a minimum order requirement of 1,000 units

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